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SEO Insite is a Stirling web design, development and optimisation company, based in Alloa near Stirling, in Scotland, but offering web design and optimisation services throughout the UK. We trade predominantly through our main optimised web design Scotland website,, where we have built a reputation for quality, honesty and professionalism. This website will gradually be redesigned to market our bespoke, spider-friendly content management systems and e-commerce solutions. In the meantime, we will be posting articles, tips and information on ethical search engine optimization.

So what is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO can be defined as being a process of optimizing websites and all content within them in order to make them easier for search engine spiders to index on their search engines. By tweaking and optimizing your website or having it tweaked by a search engine optimization company you can achieve the best positions in the search engines possible.

SEO and Search Engine Marketing. Why bother?

Without search engine optimization and marketing, your website might not be getting the heaviest internet traffic that it deserves. Heavier internet traffic means more custom. More custom on your site, means a better return on investment.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is the process of updating html code and choosing targeted key phrases for a webpage, a number of webpages or a whole website to rank high in search engines for the chosen key phrases. Search engine marketing also involves link campaigning to let the search engines both find you and find the people you are linking to through your site.

Perhaps your company has spent a substantial amount on building a website but poor visitor statistics is hindering your business. Search engine positioning may be the cause of the problem. Without optimization and search engine marketing, the site can be lost in the sea of internet sites. Those valuable website 'surfers' may be riding the waves of your competitors. Although with a search engine optimized site, you may be propelled to the top of the wave, with your chosen keywords.

Ethical SEO

SEO Insite commit themselves to providing ethical search engine optimization. Ethical SEO is optimizing your sites without breaking guidelines set by search engines.

  • We do not use 'invisible' or hidden text and links that can be seen by search engine spiders, but not by your visitiors.
  • We do not use cloaking techniques to show the search engine spiders one page, whilst showing visitors another.
  • We do not repeatedly submit your site to search engines in order for them to spider more quickly. In fact, this can sometimes slow down the process, and you can be waiting up to eight weeks for a search engine spider to spider your site.
  • We do not use highly searched terms on your pages when they have nothing to do with the theme or content of your site.
  • We do not create lots of pages or sites with duplicate content, all aiming at the same keywords in order to try and theme your site.
  • We do not use off-site doorway pages as a form of search engine optimization.
  • We do make sure there is a clear form of navigation to your site for search engine spiders and visitors alike.
  • We do optimize your head tags including title and meta-tags to a set of keywords per page keeping a theme throughout the site.
  • We do, where required, add extra relevant content to your site so that both search engine spiders and visitors can know what your site is about.
  • We do use ethical search engine optimization techniques to make sure your site is spidered, stored and ranked by the search engines.

Ethical search engine optimization is basically optimizing your site for both search engine spiders and visitors instead of just for search engine spiders.

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